Pro day sched kicks off

March 5, 2021

Pro day sched kicks off … This year’s pro day schedule gets underway later today with an on-campus workout at Kansas. And with the cancellation of this year’s scouting combine in Indianapolis because of the pandemic, the pro day workouts will take on added importance this year. Indeed, the pro days will literally be the only chance that NFL teams get to test and/or workout draft prospects this year. And while Kansas kicks things off today, the pro day schedule really starts to heat up next week with workouts at Clemson on Wednesday, March 11th and North Dakota State on the 12th. Other key dates on the pro day schedule include Georgia on March 17th, Alabama on the 23rd, BYU on the 26th, Ohio State on the 30th, Florida, Notre Dame AND LSU on the 31st, and Oregon on April 2nd. Here’s the full pro day schedule as we have it currently.

As much as possible, we’ll be reporting on the results from this month’s pro days. However, its important to note that, as in the past, each individual school will still be running its own pro day. And in the past, every school did things differently. Some published complete results. Many do not. It also means, of course, that players will be running on different courses in different weather conditions so exact comparisons are going to be difficult. In fact, the primary results from the pro days will be largely generated by the teams themselves, which means there could be some variation in reported 40 times and the like. There will also be plenty of leaked results from agents and players, so beware of statements like ‘some teams had so-and-so running as low as 4.2!’

In addition to the actual on-field results, the other interesting element of the pro days is which NFL teams send which reps to which workouts. If the GM and head coach from a particular team show up at a particular workout, the odds are they are there to check out a particular top prospect, and teams generally don’t waste the valuable time of their top personnel people sending them to watch players they don’t already have a very good grade on. Note, though, that individual pro teams will be limited to just three representatives at any pro day, meaning they’ll have to be that much more selective in who goes where. At the same time, all the workouts will be taped and every team will get a copy and that’s when a lot of the actual, evaluation will take place.