Pretty good week for QBs at Senior Bowl

January 24, 2020

Good week for QBs at Senior Bowl … Here is a pretty good review of the how the 6 Senior Bowl QBs performed this week in Mobile and how that might impact their standing for the 2020 draft courtesy of CBS Sports. The major takeaways are that Justin Herbert of Oregon had a solid week of practice that did nothing to hurt his grade as a likely first round pick. However, the question re Herbert is did he do enough to push his grade back into the top 10 range and the answer to that is still to be determined. The bigger wild card in all of this, though, could be Utah State’s Jordan Love, who more than one analyst has described as having Patrick Mahomes like arm strength and physical skills, but who is coming off a very disappointing 2019 season. We actually think the better comp for Love is Josh Allen, the athletic former Wyoming star whom Buffalo selected with the 7th pick a couple of years back, but time will tell whether NFL teams are able to overlook his inconsistent play in 2019 and start thinking about him as a potential top 10 talent. Stay tuned!