Pre-draft WR buzz

April 16, 2020

Pre-draft WR buzz: OBJ on the block?; Broncos, Eagles looking to move up … The NFL has been a little abuzz the past day or so after a report circulated that Cleveland was talking with Minnesota about a trade for Browns enigmatic WR Odell Beckham. There has also been an unconfirmed report that OBJ indeed wants out of Cleveland. Earlier today, though, the Browns emphatically denied that Beckham was on the block and other reports have suggested that they haven’t in fact talked with anybody about such a trade, although the proposed deal actually did make a lot of sense for both teams. And while most of the pre-trade draft talk has focused on teams with top 10 picks, there is a growing buzz that both Denver and Philadelphia, who pick 15th and 21st respectively, are interested in moving up closer to the top ten in order to select one of this year’s top WR prospects such as Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb and/or Jerry Jeudy of Alabama.