PIGSKIN’S TEAM Mock Drafts 2018

April 10, 2018

I want to preface this series of Team Mocks with a sad disclaimer. I fear the accuracy and validity of all of these Team Mocks will be rendered more useless than usual because of the Pick trading frenzy that seems to be gripping the NFL this year. But then again much of the trading could be over with already. So let’s get at it here.

DENVER BRONCOS. The biggest question is whether or not GM JOHN ELWAY is truly content to go with VFA CASE KEENUM as his QB, or get involved in the trading frenzy in attempt to land one of the Top 5 QB prospects for this year. I am going to assume he may draft a QB to develop later and concentrate early on other team needs.

Pick 5 TREMAINE EDMUNDS LB VA TECH 6’044/253 VON MILLER needs some help in the Broncos defensive front 7. EDMUNDS has almost unlimited upside potential. It may take a season or two to find his full-time position/role, but he will seriously upgrade the talent base right away, with Pro Bowl potential.

Pick 40 ANTHONY MILLER WR MEMPHIS 5’111/200 To me this young man is the next Antonio Brown and with THOMAS/SANDERS getting older and more brittle a speedy/quick receiver with great hands is just what the doctor ordered. He can start in the slot or outside depending upon where SANDERS best fits.

Pick 71 BRIAN O’NEILL OT PITT 6’067/297 O”NEILL is a work in progress who must get heavier and stronger, but the potential is there for him to be a starting LT in the League. The OL is still a work in progress for Denver, and O’NEILL would be part of the future.

Pick 99 QUENTIN MEEKS DB STANFORD 6’01/209 He’ll get a shot at CB but could also play S with his size. He should be able to earn a sub-package job or two right away. Has physical ability to excel on Special Teams.

Pick 106 JUSTIN JONES DT NC STATE 6’024/309 Solid performer in college, who should make a nice compliment to an aging PEKO on the Nose. Has enough quicks off the snap to provide inside pressure on the pocket.

Pick 113 KEMOKU TURAY ER/OB RUTGERS 6’045/253 An edge-rusher who could turn into a full-time OB in their scheme. Along with EDMUNDS gives a real boost to the LB group. Another guy with real Special Teams potential.

Pick 149 AKRUM WADLEY RB IOWA 5’097/194 Not a workhorse at his size but a shifty, speedy B who showed very good hands as a receiver for the Hawkeyes. May fill out a 3-man RB rotation for the team.

Pick 160 SAM JONES OG ARIZONA STATE I good athlete who can pull and get to the second level. Has starting potential in time as he gets stronger.

And they are done. ELWAY did a nice job playing with his roster this off-season and accumulated 8 Picks all in the Top 160. Most of these guys should be able to contribute now, and some will develop into starters within 2 seasons. Nice work here.