PIGSKIN’s First 2018 College Football Rankings

October 24, 2018

I am going to confine my October and December rankings to a Top 15. Not enough key games in the record book yet to go for a full 25. Also please remember that I like to reward unbeaten teams in my first rankings or two, even though I may firmly believe some of them will not be worthy for a full 12 game schedule.

1) ALABAMA 8-0 If TUA can play the entire schedule, how do you not pick this perennial Final Four program.

2) CLEMSON 7-0 DABO has constructed the other dynasty program right now. But he may wish he had nurtured both his top QB as skillfully as NICK did, before all is said and done.

3) NOTRE DAME 7-0 I still have a few concerns about this team, but they have mastered a tough schedule so far. Their depth, or lack thereof, concerns me.

4) L.S.U. 7-1 When you have played their nut-cracker of a schedule you have to give COACH O, his staff & players the nod here.

5) OKLAHOMA 6-1 This may sound a bit strange, but I am actually believing their Defense will improve with MIKE STOOPS out.

6) MICHIGAN 7-1 Their relatively low producing Offense, due primarily to conservative play calling, worries me, but man what a Defense.

7) GEORGIA 6-1 That butt-kicking Loss they suffered to LSU worries me, but this is still a talented young team and SMART can coach.

8) OHIO STATE 7-1 They have some holes, primarily because of inexperience, not lack of talent. But I don’t see a losing streak coming.

9) WASHINGTON STATE 6-1 I consider HC MIKE LEACH to be a mad scientist. He gets more done, with less talent just about every year.

10) UCF 7-0 There is more talent than you think on this team, but they have got to get QB MILTON healthy. HC HEUPEL is looking rather impressive considering how much talent left from last years team.

11) TEXAS 6-1 They have got to win out to prove to me they have completely turned the corner under HERMAN. Sure looks that way for now.

12) FLORIDA 6-1 Surprising me so far, but then again, I was always impressed with the work DAN MULLEN did in Starkville.

13) KENTUCKY 6-1 MARK STOOPS has made Kentucky football relevant. I do worry a bit about how erratic talented QB WILSON has been though.

14) IOWA 6-1 Yeah, I mean it. Yes they lost to Wisconsin, but they are showing more Offense than usual with QB STANLEY developing. The meat of the schedule is over the next 3 weeks.

15) USF 7-0 This was a tough one because they are squeaking by against some pretty mediocre teams. Would be kinda fun if they faced UCF on Nov. 23 and both teams were unbeaten though.

If you feel I have slighted your favorite team drop me an email telling me why. Just calling me names does not count, and I’ll file your email under garbage.