PIGSKIN’s College Football Rankings 2.0

By | November 17, 2019

It has been two weeks and as expected some things have changed with upsets and some big showdown games in the books.

  1. LSU   10-0    After beating Alabama in the big showdown game the top spot is theirs to keep unless they lose in a serious upset.
  2. OHIO STATE   10-0  They just keep rolling along but “the game” against Michigan is coming up, in Ann Arbor.
  3. CLEMSON  11-0   Momentum has been building for the Tigers. They have scored over 50-points in 4 straight games.
  4. GEORGIA   9-1  Two more wins and they should get their shot against LSU, with a chance for a Final 4 appearance.
  5. UTAH  9-1   These guys are for real. That will be verified when they likely meet a 1-Loss Oregon in the PAC-12 Championship game.
  6. ALABAMA  9-1   I can’t rank them higher because they must proceed without TUA.
  7. OKLAHOMA  9-1   GOTTA luv their Offense but unless that Defense catches a second wind they are going down in the next two weeks.
  8. FLORIDA    9-2   Only a slip at home to FSU (fat chance) keeps them from a juicy New Years Bowl.
  9. OREGON  9-1   They have won 9 straight and look stronger every week.
  10. PENN STATE  9-1  After their slip in Minnesota they bounce back against solid a IU team.
  11. MINNESOTA  9-1
  12. MICHIGAN  8-2
  13. BAYLOR 9-1
  14. NOTRE DAME  8-2
  15. CINCINNATI 9-1

Close but no cigar right now:



Be back at you in two weeks with another update before the teams play their Conference Championship games.