Pigskin’s 2022 Team Mock Drafts

April 10, 2022

This morning we will explore the other side of rooting for a team that makes a bold move or two leading up to the annual Draft, thus leaving themselves with very few markers to use when the Draft actually arrives. But I will try to conjure up some Rookie help for two such rosters. I am going to give a two-fer this morning, meaning two Mocks for 2 teams that have the fewest Picks in their quiver this year.


Las Vegas Raiders    After the big trade for DAVANTE ADAMS and a mess of swapping and signing, the Raiders will have 5 Picks to work with, the highest number being Pick 86, in Round 3. Clearly the new management council of McDANIELS/ZIEGLER did not agree with the roster talent gathered by their GRUDEN/MAYOCK predecessors. When I printed out a roster for the Raiders last night, I counted 20 veterans being new to the roster, with even more than that number having disappeared since the season’s end. At last glance, the team had just over $6 million in Cap space, which ranked them 25th in the league. So these five Picks are important, as well as the dozen plus Priority Rookie FA’s they are likely to sign post-Draft.

Pick 86    SEAN RHYAN   OT/G    UCLA    6’5/321    Emerged to play at LT quite effectively last season. Some like him inside at OG/C, but the point is he will look to be a serious member of their OL room, perhaps backing up all 5 OL slots. He has very large hands at 11 1/8″, but his arm length is far from ideal at 32 3/8″ for NFL OT’s. As we like to say in the biz, good value at the Pick, though.

Pick 126  JALYN ARMOUR-DAVIS   DB   Alabama   6’1/197     Typical good athlete from NICK SABAN’s program. His 4.39/40 at the Combine put him squarely in the running for almost any role they need him from in the secondary. Not their biggest need here, but you cannot argue with the pedigree or the athleticism.

Pick 164   KEVIN AUSTIN    WR   Notre Dame    6’2/200      Nice sized player who ran a  solid 4.43/40 at the Combine. His final season for the Irish was his collegiate best. Should also find some roles on coverage units as a pro. Will fight for Receiver 5 roster spot as a Rookie.

Pick 165   KYRON JOHNSON  OB/ER   Kansas      6’0/230       Played in a lousy program, and doesn’t have the size to excite the NFL scouts. However, after a late invite to the Senior Bowl,  he’s been climbing up draft boards. Runs well and plays with a chip on his shoulder. Kind of guy coaches will find multiple roles for. Good athlete, and a solid football player, that if he were 6’3 might be a Top 100 player.

Pick  227   D’VONTE PRICE    RB    Florida International   6’1/210     Had a disappointing final campaign in 2021, but as one of the Senior Bowl veteran scouts said… ‘his OL flat out sucks’. Ran a 4.38/40 at the Combine. Could be a major pleasant surprise.

Not too much flash here, but IMO all these guys can play at the next level. How far they go will depend upon their work ethic and how good their positional coaching is.


Miami Dolphins       These guys had a lot of juicy Picks to play with one month ago. And then they pulled the trigger and acquired the most explosive wideout in football in TYREEK HILL. Now TUA has an explosive and deep receiving corps to work with but the team has only 5 Picks, with #102 being their earliest shot. Can’t have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes. Or can you, if your scouting department is astute enough and in sync with the new coaching staff.

Pick 102     DYLAN PARHAM    IOL   Memphis     6’2/313     PARHAM has moved around a bit while in college, on the field that is. Highest accolade was likely getting a Senior Bowl invite and making the most of his opportunity there. At the Combine, he ran a 4.93/40 at 313 lbs. Should upgrade the OL back-up group right away.

Pick 125     STERLING WEATHERFORD    LB/SS    MIAMI (O)   6’4/230   Clearly a LB candidate with the size and athleticism to play in the NFL. 4.60/40 time he ran would be OK at S, is excellent at LB. Looks the part of an NFL player.

Pick 158   MATTHEW BUTLER     DL   Tennessee   6’4/297    Ran a 5.00/40 at the Combine. Not what I would consider an NFL starter, but could make a very nice piece in a DL rotation system. A hard working player.

Pick 224     DALLIS FLOWERS   CB   Pittsburg State   6’1/196     Shrine Bowl participant who has the athleticism to play the CB position at an NFL level. 9 7/8″ hands hint at a guy who could develop as a take-away maker. Also sports 32″ arms.

Pick 247     WESLEY FRENCH    OG/T    Western Michigan   6’5/307   Late developing athlete ‘found’ in the post season at his Pro Day. Good late bargain value.


I am guessing the average NFL fan does not know much about most of these guys, but let me remind you that this 2022 Draft prospect group is very athletic and deep. The names above have more potential value than most of their counterparts from the 2021 Draft.