PIGSKIN’s 2021 MOCK DRAFT Post-Senior Bowl

February 7, 2021

My calendar doesn’t always align perfectly with the NFL’s. Now that Star Game action has concluded, as well as the Super Bowl crowning a 2020 season Champion in Tampa, it signals to me that we are heading into the next NFL year. That’s about 3 weeks from now to the NFL.  As such, it really is the season to unveil way too many Mock Drafts. I call this my post-Senior Bowl Mock, mostly because of the calendar, but perhaps slightly influenced by what I saw in Mobile.

Remember now,  Pigskin does not believe in tricky trades, we’ll let Colin and Larry project some trading, I just stick to the Drafting. I am also factoring in what I think a team’s needs are, in conjunction with pure talent levels of the players. So away we go…

  1. JAGUARS     TREVOR LAWRENCE    QB    CLEMSON   This is a no brainer despite all the personnel shuffling within the organization.
  2. JETS     KYLE PITTS    RECEIVER    FLORIDA       He’s a hybrid who is an exceptional athlete, and a serious weapon for an offense lacking one. Help for Mr. DARNOLD, not his replacement.
  3. DOLPHINS      JA’MARR CHASE    WR      LSU      Tough choice here with those 2 ‘Bama receivers out there, but CHASE is bigger and stronger than SMITH/WADDLE and is also a TD maker.
  4. FALCONS         JAYLEN WADDLE    WR/RS    ALABAMA    FALCONS restructured their WR group last year, with mixed results, and JULIO is showing some age. WADDLE will also make a great weapon on returns.
  5. BENGALS       PENEI SEWELL     OT   OREGON     The best OT this team has added since ANTHONY MUNOZ. BURROW is their young star that got destroyed last season trying to play behind a poor OL. Gotta fix that, especially on the edges.
  6. EAGLES     DeVONTA SMITH      WR/RS     ALABAMA     The only risk about SMITH is his size, or lack thereof. However, he is mercurial with speed and moves. Teammate NAJEE HARRIS called him the “Slim Reaper” in Mobile. He kills defenses. I can’t believe I already have 3 wideouts and a TE gone in 6 PICKS. Neither can you, I’d bet.
  7. LIONS       ZACH WILSON    QB     BYU      The Lions will have GOFF to hold the fort for a while as their starter, until they can afford to dump his cap hit impact. Here is their new leader.
  8. PANTHERS     JUSTIN FIELDS     QB    OHIO ST   Get your QB’s while they last. BRIDGEWATER is functional while FIELDS is nurtured for a year or two. He needs it.
  9. BRONCOS     MICAH PARSONS    OB    PENN ST    The Broncos need a lot, and this will really tighten up their LB group, especially if VON MILLER is on the downslope.
  10. COWBOYS      GREGORY ROUSSEAU    DE/ER    MIAMI (F)    Right now, he’s pretty much just an Edge Rusher, but they will try to turn him into a better all around defender, ala JPP.
  11. GIANTS     PATRICK SURTAIN     CB   ALABAMA     Has the size, athleticism, and pedigree to start in the League. They need a franchise WR, but the best are already gone.
  12. 49’ers     RASHAWN SLATER   OT/OG   NORTHWESTERN    Opted out of the 2020 Covid season, but after looking at 2019 tape, a lot of teams look at him as an instant starter, though it may be at OG/C.
  13. CHARGERS    CHRISTIAN BARMORE   DL   ALABAMA    4th of SABAN’s boys, with more to come. Big guy, with explosion and versatility to play inside and outside. Still developing.
  14. VIKINGS     JAELAN PHILLIPS   DE   MIAMI (F)     Should make a nice bookend with a healthy HUNTER on one side. Shows the athleticism to play all downs, and set the edge vs. the run.
  15. PATRIOTS     CALEB FARLEY     CB     VA TECH      I have no clue what BELICHICK has in mind for his QB slot. I also hear all the talk about trading GILMORE for Cap purposes. This kid should be special.
  16. CARDINALS    TRAVIS ETIENNE   RB   CLEMSON    First RB of the Draft, but far from the last. Gives KYLER a multiple skills RB with good size, good speed, and good hands for receiving.
  17. RAIDERS      TREY LANCE   QB    N. DAKOTA ST     A GRUDEN Pick all the way. MAYOCK just grits his teeth on this one. GRUDEN is frustrated that CARR seems maxed out as an NFL QB. If you will remember, CHUCKY collects QB’s to develop.
  18. DOLPHINS    NAJEE HARRIS   RB  ALABAMA     Harris is special, both on and off the field, as we learned in Mobile. DOLPHINS need a big back that can run and catch. HARRIS proved he can do it all in 2020.
  19. WASHINGTON    MAC JONES   QB   ALABAMA    Neither ALEX SMITH, nor KYLE ALLEN are the long term answer. JONES is smart and throws a nice ball. He won kudos in Mobile.
  20. BEARS     CHRISTIAN DARRISAW   OT   VA TECH    A big mauler that is athletic. DA BEARS have perhaps the worst OT group in the League, after the Bengals. But they continually ignore their OL group. They probably will again, until Day 3, but they shouldn’t.
  21. COLTS     ALIJAH VERA-TUCKER   OG/T  SOUTHERN CAL     I think they would have loved DARRISAW, but so it goes. This guy had a stellar season for the Trojans out at LT. Maybe not long enuf for OT in the NFL, but good enough to start somewhere and upgrade the OL.
  22. TITANS       ZAVEN COLLINS    OB   TULSA     Perhaps the biggest riser in this Draft class after a monster 2020 season. An every down LB. VRABEL will luv him and make him a special project.
  23. JETS        JAVONTE WILLIAMS  RB  UNC    Here they are again, and here is another answer to make DARNOLD better. This power back has soft hands and better burst and acceleration than many people realize.
  24. STEELERS       LANDON DICKERSON    OC/G  ALABAMA    Big, strong guy and a team leader. Rehabbing a knee injury, but should be fine. Big body, with an even bigger heart. Will start before the 2021 season is over.
  25. JAGUARS     KADARIUS TONEY    WR/RS   FLORIDA    An explosive player that cannot be covered and shut down. Will fit in well with their possession style receivers and their new QB.
  26. BROWNS     TREVON MOEHRIG    S   TCU     A really smart player, and was athletic enough to start his college career at CB. If they can just keep WARD & GREEDY healthy, this gives them an excellent secondary… period.
  27. RAVENS      PAT FREIERMUTH     TE  PENN ST     This big boy reminds some of GRONK. The big key is that LAMAR luvs good TE’s to throw to. Look for this guy and ANDREWS on the field at the same time by mid-season.
  28. SAINTS      AZEEZ OJULARI    OB/ER     GEORGIA      Elite athlete who is still learning the nuances of playing LB, but knows how to edge rush. Should help the Saints pass rush numbers immediately. Helps add youth as well, to an aging roster.
  29. PACKERS     JAYCEE HORN   CB   SOUTH CAROLINA   The best receivers are gone for now, AARON. However, we all saw KEVIN KING get scorched in the Play-Off loss to Tampa. Horn is cocky, but also very good. Potential shut down Corner opposite ALEXANDER.
  30. BILLS       NICK BOLTON    LB    MISSOURI      There are a handful of teams that really like Bolton, who is productive and has a high FBI. I think he fits that BILLS Defense nicely. He’s barely 6′ tall, but the tape says his arms are quite long, which makes all the difference.
  31. CHIEFS      JOE TRYON    ER/DE   WASHINGTON    MAHOMES does NOT need another weapon right now, but based on 2020 season numbers, they need sone fresh blood in their pass rush group. TRYON may be a cheap replacement for OKAFOR, with higher top end potential.
  32. BUCS     LEVI ONWUZURIKE    DT   WASHINGTON     Interesting guy that shows some burst off the snap and can pressure up the middle. They may be replacing a guy named SUH for 2021. They are short along the DL on that depth chart, especially without SUH.

There it is. Flail away at it. I can guarantee it’s gonna look significantly different as the months march on toward April. I will also begin my yearly Team Mocks in March.