Pigskin Paul’s College Rankings November 12th

By | November 13, 2017

Major upsets abound every week in College Football these days. Limited scholarships, graduate transfers, injuries and more all make things dizzier at the top of the ladder than ever before. So here here are the latest rankings as we are down to the final 2-3 weeks of the regular season.

1) ALABAMA 10-0 They aren’t exactly kicking butts and taking names these days, but they still look to me to have what it takes. After a snoozer this coming weekend they will face Auburn and likely Georgia. Whoa nellie!

2) MIAMI (F) 9-0 Is it possible that MARK RICHT has this team back to the “good old days” of JIMMY JOHNSON? I’m not totally convinced, yet, but after watching them dominate Notre Dame and do it with South Beach Swagger, they look awfully close.

3) WISCONSIN (10-0) Big showdown this Saturday with an underrated Michigan team. The Badgers must win the 1st Quarter from here on out, but Bucky’s Boys have a new school record 10-0 and their D and running attack border on elite.

4) OKLAHOMA (9-1) The team has the best college QB in FBS, if they can keep him healthy for the stretch run. They also have young, developing talent around him. But where oh where is the defense?!

5) CLEMSON (9-1) Dabo’s Dandies are still the toughest, deepest Defense in the Top 10. And the Offense ain’t bad either with a healthy QB/KELLY BRYANT at the helm.

6) GEORGIA (9-1) Their undefeated run came crashing down on the Plains of Alabama. Their offense looked pretty bad in the passing game against an experienced Auburn Defense.

7) SOUTHERN CAL (9-2) This team looks to be getting better as the season wears on. SAM DARNOLD also looks to have his mojo back.

8) AUBURN (8-2) The Iron Bowl is in two weeks. I believe this team deserves a Top 10 spot and has a chance against ‘Bama at home.

9) OHIO STATE (8-2) Urban’s team dominates at times then loses focus (like @ Iowa) at other times. Time to get their heads on straight for the stretch run.

10) CENTRAL FLORIDA (9-0) SCOTT FROST is a special coach and he’s shaping this team into the foundation of a special program. Can they sustain and withstand the stories of FROST heading up the highway to Gainesville? I’m not sure, but as an undefeated team they must be given credit for their dominance to date.

11) NOTRE DAME (8-2)
12) T.C.U. (8-2)
14) WASHINGTON (8-2)
15) MEMPHIS (9-1)
17) PENN STATE (8-2)
19) MICHIGAN (8-2)
20) OHIO (8-2)

I expect some major shuffling again by the time I revisit this list in two weeks!