PIGSKIN PAUL’s College Football Rankings TOP 10

By | October 15, 2017

1) ALABAMA (7-0) The King is alive! Long live the king!

2) GEORGIA (7-0) They teased us with super frosh QB JACOB EASON last season, but now new Super Frosh JAKE FROMM is the man. Of course CHUBB/MICHEL and that D help.

3) CLEMSON (6-1) They will be right here come January as long as they can get KELLY BRYANT back healthy, and soon.

4) OHIO STATE (6-1) They always seem to stumble once in September and then improve the rest of the season with tons of young, unproven talent. Watch out Big 10 rivals.

5) OKLAHOMA (5-1) The have looked mortal 2 weeks in a row. But they have lots of tools to work with and BAKER MAYFIELD if he can stay whole.

6) PENN STATE (6-0) They might need to be ranked higher, but I wanna see how they handle the next 3 weeks of legit Big 10 competition; MICHIGAN, OHIO STATE, MICHIGAN STATE.

7) T.C.U. (6-0) After basically a .500 season in 2016 GARY PATTERSON looks to have the tools to make a run at his conference title, and maybe more.

8) WISCONSIN (6-0) The D and running game look top notch, but unfortunately QB/ALEX HORNIBROOK does not look as improved as we were led to believe.

9) SOUTHERN CAL (5-1) The Trojans have chinks in their armor, but if their OL can play all the time like it did in 2nd Half vs. UTAH watch out!

10) WASHINGTON (6-1) The Huskies are a talented team with nice balance, but they were physically whipped at Arizona State. Will they bounce back quickly or fade?

Almost there; AUBURN (5-2), STANFORD (5-2), OKLAHOMA STATE (5-1), N.C. STATE (6-1), VIRGINIA TECH (5-1), WASHINGTON STATE (6-1), NOTRE DAME (5-1)