By | February 26, 2019

PIGSKIN PAUL’s 2019 NFL Mock Draft 1.0
‘Tis the season to give Draft fans some food for thought, so to speak. So, before the Combine throws another round of pertinent information at us to analyze, let’s see how things look to yours truly right now. Please remember, I do not throw potential trades in. But I will say right up front I believe we will see a noticeable Pick trading pattern, if not a frenzy this year.

CARDINALS PICK 1 NICK BOSA DE OHIO STATE For the team that needs everything, take the most dynamic defender out there. Though this of course is a real trade bait Pick as usual.

49’ers PICK 2 QUINNEN WILLIAMS DL ALABAMA The team needs an upgrade from Earl Mitchell, and WILLIAMS displays versatility for multiple positions. GM LYNCH likes that.

JETS PICK 3 JOSH ALLEN OB/ER KENTUCKY This should be a “no brainer” for the JETS. He’s an athletic standup OB, who has significant edge-rush skills and overall athleticism.

RAIDERS PICK 4 CLELIN FERRELL ER/DE CLEMSON Still not sure whose decision it was to trade away MACK (though it seems to be DAVIS) but they have got to replace him. FERRELL fits the mold and if used properly could become a MACK-second coming.

BUCCANEERS PICK 5 JEFFERY SIMMONS DT MISS STATE Word seems to be that McCoy may be back after all. But the D will move to a base 3-4 this season. SIMMONS follows in the footsteps of CHRIS JONES and FLETCHER COX, coming out of Starkville.

GIANTS PICK 6 DWAYNE HASKINS QB OHIO STATE This team needs lots of help almost everywhere, but the guy to replace ELI is right up there on their needs list. IF the price is right trade down a bit G-Men.

JAGUARS PICK 7 T.J. HOCKENSON TE IOWA I am thinking the JAGS will be the team to acquire NICK FOLES. If so, bolstering the TE slot would be a big deal. T.J. reminds me a lot of GRONK coming out of college; long and strong, with toughness and athletic ability.

LIONS PICK 8 RASHAN GARY DE MICHIGAN I keep hearing that the LIONS are not excited about paying huge VFA dollars to keep ZIGGY ANSAH. Therefore, a long edge rusher will be needed, and GARY has the most potential to fit that need.

BILLS PICK 9 ANDRE DILLARD OT WASHINGTON STATE A polished pass-pro blocker who was a pleasant surprise with his run blocking power at the Senior Bowl. BILLS need almost everything but upgrading their OL for raw QB JOSH ALLEN should be atop the list.

BRONCOS PICK 10 DEVIN WHITE LB LSU FLACCO comes in and they cut another LB (Marshall) to save money. WHITE is a heavyweight (250) who can really run, and actually drop into pass coverage. They will look hard at the WR prospects in Round 2.

BENGALS PICK 11 CHRISTIAN WILKINS DT CLEMSON Time for some young blood along their DL, and this guy will add character to their locker room as well as versatility to their D.

PACKERS PICK 12 MONTEZ SWEAT DE/ER MISS STATE Say goodbye to NICK PERRY, who only plays well and a lot in contract years. SWEAT is the exact same kind of Edge-Rush specialist who should be young and hungry.

DOLPHINS PICK 13 KYLER MURRAY QB OKLAHOMA Big gamble, on a guy with lots of talent, and likely upside. Others may try to trade up ahead of them to get MURRAY.

FALCONS PICK 14 DAVID EDWARDS OT WISCONSIN The RT spot has been a weakness for several years. RYAN needs better protection and SAMBRAILO/SCHRAEDER are not the answer. EDWARDS, athletically speaking, is the top OT in this Draft.

‘SKINS PICK 15 JONAH WILLIAMS OT/G ALABAMA Another instant starter for a banged up OL unit. They need a QB but not the guys available right here. Maybe they can get KEENUM from the Broncos.

PANTHERS PICK 16 IRV SMITH TE ALABAMA I keep my eyes on the Transaction page almost every day waiting to see GREG OLSEN’s retirement announcement. SMITH who had a breakout year at ‘Bama shows similar skills to a young OLSEN.

BROWNS PICK 17 DEXTER LAWRENCE DT CLEMSON The BROWNS are undersized in the middle of their DL, and the 340 lb. LAWRENCE fixes that in a flash. And he’s athletic for his size. Offers a lot more than SHELTON who they gave up on last year.

VIKINGS PICK 18 DEVIN BUSH LB MICHIGAN There is temptation here to slot OL FORD to them, but ANTHONY BARR may prove too expensive to keep as a VFA. BUSH may be a tad short, but his heart is huge, and he is very athletic.

TITANS PICK 19 ED OLIVER DT HOUSTON Some folks think OLIVER is very similar to DONALD with his exceptional quicks and high rev motor. If anyone can find multiple ways to use him it should be his Head Coach and former PATS defensive jackknife VRABEL.

STEELERS PICK 20 MARQUISE BROWN WR OKLAHOMA If indeed ANTONIO BORWN is headed elsewhere them their new lightning in a bottle could be another BROWN. Marquise reminds me of DeSean Jackson, talent-wise.

SEA HAWKS PICK 21 CODY FORD OG/T OKLAHOMA The best CB are still on the Board, but their Offense needs better beef up front. And late-bloomer FORD would fit that bill.

RAVENS PICK 22 TRAYVON MULLEN CB CLEMSON The RAVENS secondary is pretty long in the tooth with 4 of their top 8 DB being over 30. MULLEN looks like a top-notch CB but might also fit in at S if WEDDLE is gone.

TEXANS PICK 23 JAWAAN TAYLOR OT FLORIDA Traditional scouting says you don’t pick for need, but talent. But this team has got to pick up the protection for QB WATSON, sooner rather than later. TAYLOR is a huge body, who really emerged last season for the Gators.

RAIDERS PICK 24 GREEDY WILLIAMS CB LSU This long looking DB has a nose for the ball, and GRUDEN wants more turnovers from his secondary, even if poor tackling drives him crazy. My gut tells me GM MAYOCK would prefer BAKER, but Chucky likes big plays.

EAGLES PICK 25 JOSH JACOBS RB ALABAMA Age and injury have made this a position of need. JACOBS can do it all and should have some solid tread still on his wheels.

COLTS PICK 26 D.K. METCALF WR OLE MISS With LUCK back in fine form again it’s time for a big, athletic target to balance out a pretty small wideout group. METCALF reminds me too much of a bulked-up David Boston of yore, but if he’s flexible LUCK should luv him.

RAIDERS PICK 27 JOHNATHAN ABRAM SS MISS STATE This hard-hitting defender appears to be just what the RAIDERS lack in the deep secondary.

CHARGERS PICK 28 GREG LITTLE OT OLE MISS It’s about time to provide better protection for Old Man Rivers before it’s too late. LITTLE has plug and play potential.

CHIEFS PICK 29 DEANDRE BAKER CB GEORGIA Great get for CHIEFS as they rebuild their secondary. He should have been gone B4 the CHIEFS ever had a shot at him.

PACKERS PICK 30 NOAH FANT TE IOWA An excellent, athletic receiver, who needs to develop as a blocker. But there is time or that if he just catches 50 balls for RODGERS in 2019.

RAMS PICK 31 JACHAI POLITE ER/LB FLORIDA Exactly where he plays is a bit up for discussion, but WADE PHILLIPS will luv his edge-rush skills. Might fill the hole if FOWLER leaves as VFA.

PATRIOTS PICK 32 MACK WILSON LB ALABAMA Expect BELICHICK to listen long and hard to any teams looking to trade back up for a shot at QB LOCK or JONES. ‘SKINS or RAIDERS might look to move up. If not, WILSON is a versatile, good sized athlete, who comes from the Saban-tree, which BELICHICK respects greatly.

As you can see there a lot of potential trades to be made, and I have only mentioned a few. Notice please, the 9 DL draftees in the Top 19 overall Picks.