Pigskin mocks Giants draft

By | April 23, 2019

Pigskin (and others) mock Giants draft … As he has done in the past, GBN Associate Editor Pigskin Paul Guillemette will be posting mock drafts for specific teams over the final few weeks of the pre-draft process including one today for the New York Giants, who with two first rounders this year including #s 6 and 17 look to be one of the more interesting teams heading into Thursday’s draft. Ed note: I was also going to participate on this projection and post pick-by-pick comments to compliment Pigskin’s choices, but gave up shortly into the exercise feeling that I’d be more productive herding cats. Fact is nobody really has a clue what the Giants are thinking at this point so we opted to post a separate note highlighting some of the Giants likely options at least in the early rounds. cl Also note: For the record, here is the criteria/process Pigskin follows to develop these team mocks.