Peeking ahead to 2020 draft

May 1, 2019

Peeking ahead to 2020 draft … Over the past several days we have had several correspondents point out that we one trade on our list of future traded picks was incorrect. And as usual with these types of things are readers were in fact correct. We originally reported that the Bears will get a 2020 4th rounder from New England (because that’s what is noted on the’s list of draft day trades seems to indicate) as a result of a 2019 draft day trade. On further review, though, it appears that it was in fact the Patriots getting the #4 from the Bears after a 2019 draft day trade. That trade aside -and with 358 days to go until the 2020 draft during which time much can and will change – the two teams currently best positioned for next year’s draft appear to be Oakland and Miami. For the second straight year, Oakland will have more than one opening round pick as they have a second #1 round pick acquired from Chicago in the Khalil Mack deal last fall. In fact, the Raiders also have the Bears’ 3rd rounder next spring, although the Bears have Oakland’s 2nd rounder. Meanwhile, Miami has extra picks in the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th rounds, although they also sent their 5th rounder to Arizona for QB Josh Rosen this past weekend. And if either the Dolphins and/or Raiders end up looking at QBs at the 2020 draft, which is entirely possible, they’ll be in luck as next year’s draft could be loaded at the position. We had GBN Investigative College Reporter Larry Parker put together a preliminary list of the top 50 prospects for the 2020 draft and 5 of the top 13 were QBs including Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama and Georgia’s Jake Fromm who were ranked 1-2. The 2020 draft, though, also looks like it could also be strong along the offensive line, at least at the top of the board, with 4 of the top 14 prospects coming from the OL. Again, though, this is obviously still very preliminary as we’ve got a full season and pre-draft period to sort all this out. Stay tuned!