Payton, Ryans to Broncos, Texans, picks to Saints, 49ers

January 31, 2023

Payton, Ryans to Broncos, Texans, picks to Saints, 49ers … A couple of major coaching dominos fell early today as Denver confirmed that former New Orleans head coach Sean Payton had agreed to coach the Broncos. Meanwhile, Houston announced that they had hired former San Francisco defensive co-ordinator DeMeco Ryans as the Texans new head coach. Because Payton was still under contract in New Orleans, the two teams had to agree on a compensation package. As a result, the Saints will get the 29th pick in the opening round of the 2023 draft. That was originally San Francisco’s pick that the Broncos acquired from Miami. The Saints and Broncos will also flip second day picks in 2024 with the Saints to receive the Broncos second rounder, while Denver will get the Saints #3 pick.

Meanwhile, because Ryans is a minority candidate, the 49ers will more compensatory picks, although we have not been able to confirm for which years. . s at the end of the third rounds in both 2023 and 2024. The 49ers already have three such comp picks at the end of this year’s third round. As a result of the two moves, the selection order for the 2023 draft and the picks by team files have been updated.