Pats’ Wolf says team is ‘open for business’

April 18, 2024

Pats’ Wolf says team is ‘open for business’ … The draft world is abuzz here and here and here this afternoon after New England’s defacto GM Eliot Wolf said at his pre-draft presser earlier today that the Patriots are ‘open for business’ heading into next week’s draft and that they would be prepared to move up or down in the first round or any other round for that matter.  New England, of course, has the 3rd overall pick in this year’s opening round and while they have been widely projected to select a QB at that spot, the Patriots have continued to tease just a bit that they could move down. In fact, a closer reading of Wolf’s remarks in fact sound closer to tease than substance. The comment actually came at the beginning of his press conference and he actually appeared to talking in a more generic than specific sense and ultimately talked almost exclusively about the possibility of the Patriots trading up in later rounds. Wolf also did mention that even if the Patriots did seriously want to consider the option of trading down, they haven’t actually received any substantive offers at the point.

On the other hand, Washington GM Adam Peters indicated at his pre-draft presser that the Commanders are “real close” to making the call on which player they’ll select with the 2nd overall pick. Peters also indicated that he doesn’t see a scenario where the Commanders trade the pick.