Pats, Texans swap late picks in pre-draft trade

April 25, 2022

Pats, Texans swap late picks in pre-draft trade … The trading for the 2022 draft got a head start earlier today when New England and Houston swapped late round picks at this week’s draft. Houston will get the 170th pick, a 5th rounder, that the Patriots acquired in an earlier trade with Tampa Bay in exchange for 6th (#183) and 7th (#245 originally from Dallas) round picks. In effect, the Texans sent the Patriots the 7th rounder in order to move up 13 spots into the 5th round. Normally that’s the kind of trade teams consummate during the draft when one moves up to select a player they have targeted. That Houston traded away their 7th round pick this earlier suggests they may earlier flight out of Las Vegas than planned, or they simply want to get on early start on the gaming tables!