Pats lose spots in 4th

By | March 12, 2017

Deflategate costs Pats 4th round spots … If you thought we were all done with ‘deflategate’, you would be wrong. The punishment for New England for the deflated balls ‘scandal’ was the forfeiture of its 1st roundpick in 2016 as well as its 4th round selection this year. That was the 131st pick this year which the Patriots had acquired from Seattle. However, the language of the actual ruling was that the Patriots would lose its highest pick in this year’s round. That became the 118th when New England acquired that selection from New Orleans as part of the deal for WR Brandin Cooks. As a result, the Patriots lose the 118th selection as a result of deflategate, but get back #131. (Note tha t the NFL actually lists it as #132, but the league includes forfeited picks in its draft order.) Got all that! As a result, the full 2017 selection order as well as the picks by team file have been updated.