Pats, ‘Hawks projected to lead 2020 comp pick

By | May 8, 2019

Pats, ‘Hawks projected to lead 2020 comp pick race … A deadline of sorts passed on the NFL calendar yesterday as it was the final day on which veteran UFA signings were included in the calculation of 2020 compensatory picks. Any free agents signed today or later this off-season will not impact the comp pick formula. Compensatory picks are determined by the NFL based on an undisclosed formula which calculates the net number of free agents a team losses, as well as their salary figures. And while thye formula is still secret a number of entities have been able to make pretty good guesses as to which teams will be getting comp picks in which round based on what’s happened in the past. According to estimates projected by Over the Cap, for example, defending Super Bowl champion New England and Seattle are both projected to get 4 comp picks in the 2020 draft, while Baltimore, Houston and Denver are predicted to get three each. Meanwhile, Miami, Denver, Philadelphia, the NY Giants and the LA Rams ar5e projected to get a pair each.