‘Outcry’ protagonist gets MAC scholarship

By | September 19, 2020

‘Outcry’ protagonist gets MAC scholarship … Nice story from college football which right now can use all the positive news it can get. Eastern Michigan has signed Greg Kelley, the subject of the award-winning documentary ‘Outcry’ to a full scholarship. Kelley was a star high school player from the Austin area with hopes of getting a shot in the NFL; he had accepted a full scholarship at Texas-San Antonio, but his life came crashing in around him when he was charged with sexual assault of a minor back in 2013. Kelley was convicted and spent three years in penitentiary despite a lack of physical or corroborating evidence. However, he was eventually released when the case was re-opened and serious flaws in the investigation and his defense were exposed. Kelley had enrolled at Texas earlier this year and had a walk-on tryout with the Longhorns, but was not offered a spot on the team. And while EMU is a long way from Texas in a lot of ways, hopefully Kelley will fulfill his dream of playing D1 football.