Only 364 days to go … we hope

April 25, 2020

Only 364 days to go!!! … Until the 2021 draft. We hope! There will be football sometime this year.  However, with the pandemic still raging around the world we may not know for a while when the respective college and pro seasons will start and what form they will ultimately take. There will also be a draft next spring, although again it’ll be awhile before we know exactly when. We do have a pretty good idea, though, who many of the the likely top prospects will be next year and as we do at the end of every draft cycle, we like to post a preliminary projection for the next year. And as an added special bonus to help people through these times, it actually includes two rounds. Here it is. Although again it comes with the proviso that this is very preliminary – and please – we don’t need any ‘are you crazy! The Buckaroos will never take a TE!’ type emails. Too early. In the meantime, hang in there guys.