One week to go

April 21, 2022

One week to go!!! … Indeed, we are almost thru what we affectionately call the ‘paraysis by analysis’ period of the draft process with the picks slated to start coming off the board one week today! Hang in there! And for the record, yesterday was the final day teams could bring in any of their 30 allowed for pre-draft visits. In case anyone is interested the top QB prospects for the draft were all on the road yesterday with Liberty’s Malik Willis visiting Pittsburgh, Pitt’s Kenny Pickett was in Detroit, and Matt Corral of Ole Miss is in Atlanta. Of course, each of those guys have been making the rounds so one shouldn’t read much of anything into who they visited last.

And just in case anyone hasn’t heard. but yet another elite veteran WR may be on the trade block as Deebo Samuel of the 49ers has requested a trade. Earlier this year, Green Bay sent star wideout Davante Adams to Las Vegas while Kansas City shipped Tyreek Hill to Miami. No word on what the 49ers plans are for Samuel, but the NY Jets, who have two top ten picks and were very much in on the Hill sweepstakes earlier this winter, are thought to have an inside track if he is dealt. Stay tuned!