No news is no news

By | April 13, 2019

No news is well no news … Arguably, the prime determinant of how the early going at the 2019 draft evolves will be whether any teams trade up into the top 5 to select a QB. Of course, its pretty much a given that Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray is going first overall to either Arizona or someone like Oakland in a trade. The question is whether any of the QB needy teams out there such as the Giants, Denver, Miami, or Washington, or even someone like Cincinnati tries to leapfrog each other to get a Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock. In fact, its long been our assumption that somebody was going to make such a move, if for no other reason that that’s pretty much what happens at the draft. Indeed, in the past 10 years, almost half – 13 of the 30 – players taken with top 3 picks have been QBs. What hasn’t followed the pattern, though, is that normally by this time, even if no trades have actually been consummated, is that there at least rumblings about potential partners and deals. In contrast, this year, as we have been noting its dead out there!  Which means either teams are covering their tracks really well or there really isn’t much going on. And we are starting to think that there is nothing going on because there is nothing going on. Stay tuned!!