Niners, Raiders lead updated pick count

March 9, 2023

Niners, Raiders lead updated pick count … The 4 new comp picks awarded to San Francisco earlier today vaulted the 49ers to the top of the board in terms of the total number of picks at the 2023 draft NFL teams currently hold. In fact, the 49ers now have 12 total picks in this year’s draft, tied for the league lead with Las Vegas which also has 12 selections. It should be noted, though, that the 49ers will have plenty of time to get warmed up at this year’s draft as their initial, at least for now isn’t until the very end of the third round (#99). And while it is still early, it also looks like draft host Kansas City shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping their fans’ attention as the defending Super Bowl champs have 11 picks this year, tied with Houston and the NY Giants, while Chicgao, Green Bay, Seattle and the LA Rams have ten total picks apiece, and Dallas, Jacksonville, New England and Tampa Bay have 9 each. At the other end of the spectrum, Denver and Baltimore each have just 5 picks, while Atlanta, Buffalo, Miami, Minnesota, Philadelphia, the NY Jets and the LA Chargers have just 6 each. Please note though that these totals are still very unofficial. For now though here is the full, unofficial list of picks by team as we have it.