NFL Draft is as unpredictable as playing the pokies

January 13, 2016

With the regular season of the NFL over, many of the teams that failed to get into the post-season are already looking ahead to the 2016 Draft. However, with so many picks for each team, they must feel like they are playing the pokies when it comes to choosing who they want. The similarities between gambling and the draft picks are endless, as both have an element of skill / strategy, yet a lot of it is down to luck. The Tennessee Titans have the number one pick this year and with it comes a huge amount of pressure. They can choose anyone within any college programme, it can fill any of their needs and with that great power, comes great responsibility.

That big risk can come with some tremendous rewards, look towards the likes of Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson and Andrew Luck as first overall picks that have met their lofty expectations. However, much like the pokies slots, you can put a lot in and only get a little back, which can be true in other cases such as Ryan Leaf or Tim Couch.

It’s not just your first pick that you have to think about, you have to have evaluators ready to select further down the line. Although this is much more low-risk, like putting in little bets into online pokies slots, it can still come back with the jackpot that you have been craving. When you’re on the pokies slots, it can be a bit of a risk but it can deliver so much reward. Sometimes you’ll put in a little, sometimes you’ll put in a lot and it can deliver a little success, a hell of a lot or nothing at all. It’s knowing that there is that chance of such a tremendous reward that should always draw you back, much like how NFL teams are always looking to get to the Super Bowl.

The same process happens in the NFL Draft. There aren’t many nailed-on certainties, sometimes a number one pick could be an absolute bust, like JaMarcus Russell, and sometimes someone drafted in the sixth round can go on to be one of the greatest players of all time, such as Tom Brady.
While there are few teams that have a sterling track record with picks, there are some that make sure they get plenty of value. The New England Patriots regularly trade down for more picks so that they have more chances at getting what they want, whether it’s for that draft or future drafts.
Some teams like to make sure they simply pick the best players available to benefit their team and it’s that hold them or fold them mentality that separates them from the rest. They know when to back out and they know when they need to go all in when they sense that chance of glory. We all know that drafting anyone into the NFL can be like playing pokies online at Pokies Palace, because sometimes even a little risk can bring back an incredible reward. No matter how much you invest, you are bound to strike lucky at one point and when you do, there’s no other feeling like getting the most bang out of your buck.