NFL bans on-site vists

March 14, 2020

NFL bans on-site visits … Amid growing concerns about the coronoavirus, the NFL informed all 32 teams that effective the end of business on Friday no more pre-draft visits to team facilities by prospects would be allowed. The league also banned any team officials from visiting prospects on the road. Teams will be allowed to conduct interviews with prospects via telephone or video conferencing up until April 22nd, the day before the draft. At the same time, though, teams will be limited to a maximum of three such interfaces per week with an individual player; that each such call or can last no longer than one hour; and can’t interfere with the player’s school schedule. Unsaid in all of this is what the players are going to do themselves. Very few legitimate prospects for the 2020 draft, for example, are still in school; they are almost all living and working in some warmish climate getting ready for things like the combine, pro day and private workouts. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to be doing that if there aren’t going to be any such workouts.