Murray commits to football

By | February 11, 2019

It IS on! OU QB Murray commits to football … Just four days before he was scheduled to report to the Oakland A’s spring training facility, Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray has tweeted earlier today that he is in fact committed to playing football going forward and will heading to this month’s scouting combine in Indianapolis rather than the diamond. If nothing else, Murray should be one of the most interesting prospects to come along in a long while. No question that Murray is a wondrously talented athlete who came from nowhere to win this year’s Heisman Trophy, but there are real questions how well his game will translate to the NFL as he’s only in the 5-10, 195 pound which isn’t anywhere near prototype for NFL QB measurables. The sense one gets at this time is that the NFL regards him as a first round prospect, but otherwise just don’t really know what to make of his skill set collectively as there just isn’t a realistic comp in the game today. Needless to say the combine will be a first stepping stone for Murray both on the field and off where among other things he will have to convince NFL teams that pro football isn’t some passing fancy. Stay tuned!