Monday update

April 27, 2015

More quiet trade rumblings … With the draft now just over 75 hours away, there’s barely a pulse on the NFL draft buzz meter. However, new Washington G.M. Scot McCloughan offered up an interesting observation at his pre-draft presser earlier today. McCloughan suggested that it was likely that the Redskins’ phone might be ringing off the wall in the unlikely event that USC DE/DT Leonard Williams sas still on the board when Washington go on the clock for the 5th selection overall on Thursday. Here’s what’s interesting and that is if teams were willing to trade up for Williams, who most analysts consider to be the top non-QB prospect in this year’s draft, if he were on the board at #5, why wouldn’t they also consider calling Jacksonville in the more likely scenario that he is still on the board at #3, or Oakland at #4. Indeed, both the Jaguars and Raiders have already indicated that they would be more than happy to trade down and get more picks if the right deal came along. In fact, the NFL has been so consumed by speculation surrounding potential moves involving QBs Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota at the first and second picks, no one has talked much about the real potential for other movement in the  top 10 picks later this week. In fact, one could make a pretty good case that there may also be teams out there that will be more than willing to consider trades up in order to acquire elite top 5 talents like OLB Dante Fowler and WR Amari Cooper. Indeed, there some rumblings out there that Atlanta, which has not been shy about making a bold move on draft day in the recent past, is reportedly interested in trading up to acquire Fowler. And Jacksonville might be willing to drop down to the 8th pick where an offensive lineman, the team’s #1 need, would make more sense than at # There may also be teams looking for either a WR or edge rushing LB who start to think about moving up to get WR Kevin White or OLB Vic Beasley once Cooper and/or Fowler are off the board, if they think there is a significant drop-off to the next level at those positions. There have been some rumors, for example, that New Orleans which has the 13th and 31st picks in Thursday’s opening round could consider moving up to get Beasley. Meanwhile, in a somewhat unusual move, a contingent of Cleveland officials, including G.M. Ray Farmer reportedly flew to Orlando on Sunday, after the deadline to bring players for on-site visits had passed, to have dinner with UCF WR Breshad Perriman. As noted, for the Browns to spend that kind of time and money so close to the draft is a clear sign that they’re seriously considering Perriman with either the 12th or 19th picks. And whether the Browns actually select Perriman or not, it also seems to confirm at least to a degree that Perriman, perhaps the fastest player in the 2015 draft who has reportedly visited over half the teams in the league in recent weeks, is indeed in play in the middle of the opening round.