Mock drafts are stupid

April 9, 2022

GBN 3-round projection updated … Truth be told, I’m not really sure how valuable mock drafts are at this time of year and I actually hate doing them this late before the draft. Fact is that by this point, everybody has kind of figured out who the top prospects are and the whole exercise starts to take on the feel of a perpetual rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic! Indeed, you can probably find mocks in which all the top ten prospects end up with ten different teams! And what gives us the most pause right now is that you just kind of figure there are going to trades involving QBs. We actually did an update of our three-round draft with New Orleans trading with with Houston to take Malik Willis with the 3rd pick and then Atlanta trading up with the Giants to grab Kenny Pickett at #5. Bottom line, though, we’re just guessing and no more how educated the guess is its still a guess that takes the projection almost into fantasy land at least for now! But we felt we had to update because our last mock did not include New Orleans’ trade with Philadelphia. And while we would be shocked if the Saints didn’t trade higher to get one of those QBs, we don’t want to guess so we updated with them sitting where they are and if they do trade will revisit. So for now, here is our three-round projection as the picks currently stand.