Mississippi to drop rebel flag

By | June 28, 2020

Mississippi to drop rebel flag; good news for in-state football programs … What is the old Chinese expression: May you live in interesting times. That appears to be us these days. It appears, for example, that after almost 160 years the American Civil War may be coming to an end. The latest clue: the state of Mississippi, the last remaining holdout, will be dropping the confederate flag from its current state flag. And that’s good news for Ole Miss and Mississippi State football. Earlier this week, for example, star Mississippi State RB Kylin Hill indicated that he would no longer play for the school as long as the state flag celebrated the Confederacy. After making his comments, Hill got support from State head coach Mike Leach and Lane Kiffin of Ole Miss, as well as numerous other players. The bill that passed the state legislature earlier this weekend still has to be signed by the governor, but Tate Reeves has already indicated that he will be going along.