Has McAdoo ‘lost’ the team

By | November 9, 2017

If things weren’t bad enough for the 1-7 Giants coming off last weekend’s dismal loss to the LA Rams, but the organization was rocked this week by reports that at least two identified players were quoted as saying embattled head coach Ben McAdoo had lost the team. If true its a huge deal because  once a coach ‘loses’ the team its awfully hard, if not almost impossible to get them back. And I’m not sure that the team has been aware of this as an issue for a while. Needless to say while we don’t know the identity of the aggrieved players, but they are almost assuredly part of the defense and I was told by a pretty good source close to the Giants that McAdoo was prodded by management to give up play-calling duties a few weeks back not because of anything having to do with the play-calling itself, but so he would project better as the head coach of the whole team rather than just the offense.