LSU-Texas preview

By | September 6, 2019

LSU-Texas hilite weekend college football sched … After a pretty quiet opening week in which there were few games of national significance things heat up this weekend on the college football schedule with a number of really intriguing match-ups across the country. And the most intriguing match-up this weekend will be at Texas where the 9th ranked Longhorns host #6 LSU from the formidable SEC West at 7:30 PM ET Saturday evening on ABC. It is a particularly Important game for Texas which desperately wants to get back into the ranks of true college football elites and start contending for a spot in the national playoffs. And it wouldn’t be LSU-Texas without a passel of potential pro prospects showing off for the coming draft. Here’s a quick preview of who to watch when the Tigers play the Longhorns tomorrow evening.