Lions still #1

October 12, 2015

Lions lose again; keep top week for another week … Detroit remains the lone winless team in the NFL after the Lions were trampled by Arizona at home on Sunday. As a result, the Lions would have the #1 pick were the draft held this week. On the other hand, the rest of the top 10 early picks are about as clear as mud. In fact, if the draft were held this week, Jacksonville would pick second, followed by Baltimore at #3, and Houston at #4, with New Orleans and Kansas City tied at #s 5-6. However, there really is very little statistical difference currently between the strength of schedule figures for these 1-4 teams. As well, Tennessee, which has the weakest SOS figure for any one-win team and would actually have the second pick if the 1-3 Titans were to lose their game in hand. For the record, the initial updated draft selection order will be posted after next week’s Monday night game.