Lions deny QB trade talks

By | February 13, 2020

Lions deny QB trade talks … Detroit G.M. Bob Quinn is vigorously denying overnight reports that the Lions have been involved in trade talks over the past couple of weeks involving QB Matt Stafford. Quinn reportedly sent the local papers a text message this morning saying “100% False!!” although its not hard to look around the league and see teams like New England, the LA Chargers and several others that will almost certainly be in the market for a new QB withing the next few weeks. There actually have been rumblings out of Detroit literally since the end of the season that the Lions could at least think of moving on from the 32-year-old Stafford who missed extensive playing time in each of the past couple of seasons with injuries. However, if the Lions did trade Stafford they would have to absorb a $30M-plus cap hit this coming season. In addition, Stafford was having one of the best years of his career prior to being injured this fall and with the Lions in what appears to be a win now mode he’d certainly be their best option this coming season. If they did want to move on, though, the Lions would be in prime position to replace Stafford with a younger QB as they have the 3rd pick overall in this year’s draft and likely would be in position to select Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa if he continues to show that he is fully recovered from last season’s campaign-ending hip injury that required surgery. Of course, if Detroit decides to stick with Stafford, they would then be in prime position to pick up a nice package of picks in exchange for the 3rd overall selection from one of those other QB-needy teams. Stay tuned!