Lions battle in LA but still lose; stay at #1

By | October 24, 2021

Lions battle in LA but still lose; stay at #1 … Anybody who thought Detroit would just rollover when the winless Lions played the former QB Matt Stafford and the Rams in LA earlier this afternoon got quite as surprise. Indeed, the Lions left nothing on the field, but alas in the end came up short again losing 28-19 to the 6-1 Rams. And as the NFL’s still only remaining winless team will be sitting on the #1 pick in the weekly selection order for the 2022 draft were it to be held this week for at least another week. Meanwhile, the mish-mash for the next few picks remains, well a mish-mash. If in fact the draft were to be held this week, Philadelphia would pick second with Miami’s pick, while Houston would go third, followed by the Jets and Jacksonville. However, the Jets and Jags are in the 4-5 spots because they have already had their byes and have played one less game than Miami and Houston. If the Jets were to lose their ‘game in hand’ they would actually move back up to the second pick, while the Jags would go to 4th in the same scenario. Interestingly, the Giants win against Carolina today appears to have only cost the Giants one spot in the weekly draft order as they drop from #5 to 6th, while Philadelphia is 7th. In fact, the Eagles could actually end up sitting on both the 7th and 8th picks, along with the second overall, if Indianapolis loses tonight in San Francisco, assuming that Colts’ QB Carson Wentz ultimately meets the playing time condition that would bump the 2nd rounder the Eagles currently have from the Colts to a first rounder. As usual, the opening round selection order will be updated after tomorrow night’s Monday night game.