League meetings underway in Phoenix

March 26, 2023

League meetings underway in Phoenix … Its going to be interesting to see how NFL GMs and coaches who have been out on the pro day circuit this month will be organizing their schedules this week as the NFL Annual Meeting gets underway in ernest tomorrow and runs through Wednesday. As part of the exercise most teams end up meeting with the press for a short period sometime during week, so we’ll looking for any tidbits on what they might be thinking heading toward the draft, which for the record, gets underway a month tomorrow. However, we are also realists here and expect there’s going to be a lot of GM-speak and such the next three days, but sometimes if one listens real hard … And speaking of coach-speak and the like, Denver head coach Sean Payton was pretty emphatic earlier this weekend when he said that neither of veteran WRs Jrry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton are going to be traded. On the other hand, new Arizona head coach Jonathan Gannon left the bard door when when he proclaimed that star WR DeAngelo Hopkins, who has been reportedly on the block this off season, ‘is a Cardinal, for now!’ Tomorrow might be a bit of a different matter, but for today … Stay tuned!