League announces more draft limitations

January 23, 2021

League announces more draft limitations … Just a couple of days after NFL teams were informed that there would in effect be no scouting combine this winter, the league has added a number of other restrictions that are going to complicate the pre-draft testing process. In particular, teams will not be allowed to conduct any timing or physical testing activities outside of a school’s pro day or an all-star game setting. Same for in-person interviews and medical exams which also will be limited pro days and/or all-star games. Similarly, there will also be a league-wide ban on private workouts, in-house facility visits, dinners and film sessions with prospects. In addition, schools hosting pro days will be limited to a maximum of five players classified as underclassmen, clubs will be limited to three reps at any pro day and are also not allowed to attend any combine-type events or similar workout sessions that are not affiliated with the NFL. All attendees are required to wear PPE and practice social distancing. Teams CAN interview prospects via the phone or video beginning this weekend. Needless to say, all this is going to severely curtail teams abilities to gather the kind of information that they have been accustomed to having heading into the draft. If there is a positive its that all teams are in the same boat. It also means that more than ever a teams grade on a player will be dependent on what scouts see on game tape.