Latest intrigue re top pick

April 25, 2018

Latest intrigue with top pick … If its Wednesday, it means the draft is just a day away and all the madness will spot. If it’s Wednesday, though – and it is – then there must be a new plan for what Cleveland intends to do with the #1 pick overall at tomorrow’s draft. Indeed, Browns’ beat reporter Mary Kay Cabot, who is one of the best in the business, is reporting this morning that there is a growing buzz around the organization that Cleveland has cooled on USC QB Sam Darnold and that the team’s choice for tomorrow’s #1 pick has been narrowed down to QBs Josh Allen of Wyoming and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield with the latter with a lot of reported momentum.  Included in Cabot’s sources is one of the Browns’ in-house broadcast team who one would figure is reasonably well connected. Of course, all this comes barely 24 hours after reports circulated that Darnold would in fact be the Browns pick and has actually been locked in for weeks. Bottom line is we won’t know for sure until about 8:15 PM ET tomorrow evening as it is simply impossible to figure out what’s actually going on there. In particular, there is almost nothing to be gained by the Browns by waffling, although it is possible that if in fact they have cooled on Darnold then maybe they would like to entice either the Giants or Jets to move up from the 2nd or 3rd picks if they thought Darnold was available; meanwhile the Browns could still get Allen or Mayfield as long as they stayed in the top three, although all that is too cute by half. Otherwise, all the waffling does is make the organization look like – well wafflers – which is not a good thing to be in the NFL. On the other hand, we can see why the Browns might be waffling on Darnold. No question he makes wow plays that you just can’t teach, but his mechanics literally need to be rebuilt from the bottom up, plus we just don’t see the intensity, instincts and football acumen that you see in Mayfield and UCLA’s Josh Rosen. and, of course, if the Browns were to pass on Darnold it might set off a chain reaction in the subsequent picks. On the other hand it is entirely possible that G.M. John Dorsey and the Browns have settled on Darnold for weeks and are just pulling our chains with nothing better to do with just over 30 hours to go until the actual draft. Hang in there!