Latest developments in Conley, Brantley cases

April 26, 2017

Latest developments in Conley, Brantley … If it wasn’t hard enough for NFL to grade players based on what they might do on the field, for the second time in three years, they’ll have to make a guess as to what will happen in a criminal case involving a player. In fact, this year its players as both Ohio State CB Gareon Conley and Florida DT Caleb Brantley have legal issues hanging over their heads with Conley being investigated by Cleveland police for an alleged sexual assault, while Brantley has been charged with battery of a woman following a spat at a bar. Both players have maintained their innocence. Conley hasn’t been charged yet and in fact won’t be interviewed by police at all until Monday, but that’s after the draft. In fact, Conley was originally supposed to attend the draft, but will now not be there. Meanwhile, Brantley reportedly turned down a settlement offer from the alleged victim in his case which at the least does sound a tad murky. Brantley admits that he was involved in the fracas, but claims that he only pushed the woman, who he did not know, away after she attacked him. Stay tuned.