Jets win; back out of 2nd pick

By | November 28, 2021

Jets win; back out of 2nd pick … While Detroit appears to have pretty much locked up the #1 pick at the 2022 draft, the roller coaster among the NY Jets, Jacksonville and Houston for the 2-3-4 continued unabated today with the Jets defeating the Texans to drop from #2 to #4. That moves the Texans and Jags, who lost to Atlanta today, into the 2-3 slots; however, there is almost no statically significant difference in the strength of schedule figures for the two AFC South teams that it is too early which will have which pick at least for this week. Meanwhile, the 5th pick won’t actually be decided until after tomorrow night’s Monday night game between Seattle and Washington. The Seahawks, somewhat shockingly, would have the 5th pick as of this moment, but would drop down with over the No-names tomorrow.