JETS 2016 Draft Review

June 9, 2016

The JETS are hoping they are poised to make a push for the AFC title, and as of today their roster has more Rookies on it than any other team in the NFL. 7 of those Rookies came from the Draft, so let’s look at those guys.

Round 1 DARRON LEE/LB/OHIO STATE 6’1/232 4.47/40 33 1/4″A/9 3/4″H
LEE may have been the best pure athlete on last season’s Ohio State defensive unit. He’s exactly the kind of young, athletic guy the JETS needed to add to their front 7 group which has a high number of over-30 guys. LEE is a cover the field player who makes lots of plays. He’s also relatively new to the LB position and will need to learn a lot more to excel in the NFL. So expect him to start the season in sub-package situations, hopefully earning a starting slot later in the season. Good pick for them the in long run. Dan rings the bell on this Pick.
Pick # 20 GBN Rank: 14 Ourlads Rank: 20 PP Rank: 11

Round 2 CHRIS HACKENBERG/QB/PENN STATE 6’4/228 4.84/40 32″A/9″H
Talk about a polarizing prospect. Some scouts thought he was not worth a Pick at all, while others argue his potential is tremendous. His career stats at PSU are mediocre at best. But remember his best work was as a true frosh under HC BILL O’BRIEN, and with some weapons to work with offensively. Things went downhill from there. The best scenario for the JETS is to get FITZPATRICK signed for 2 seasons and start the HACK resurrection project this Camp.
Pick # 51 GBN Rank: 57 Ourlads Rank: 185 PP Rank: 65

Round 3 JORDAN JENKINS/OLB/DE/GEORGIA 6’3/259 4.80/40 34 1/4″A/11 1/4″H
JENKNS was overshadowed in college by LEONARD FLOYD, but he’s a more productive player overall and fits their 3-4 base scheme very nicely. Is not likely to be on the field for most 3rd downs, unless they put him on the edge with his hand down to rush. Very long arms and huge hands to push people around. Is also a very reliable tackler who will punish ball carriers. Does not possess natural edge rush skills, but if he gets his hands on blockers can push them aside and get into the pocket. Looked solid during his work during Senior Bowl week. Another versatile infusion of young talent into their Front 7.
Pick # 83 GBN Rank: 67 Ourlads Rank: 85 PP Rank: 79

Round 4 JUSTON BURRIS/DB/NC STATE 6’0/212 4.50/40 32 1/2″A/8 7/8″H
Has played all over the secondary and excelled as a CB later in his college career. But he looks for all the world to me like a S at the pro level. His versatility will allow the JETS to use him in multiple roles on Special Teams as well. His 40-time looks really good if used at S. He should have great value in red zone sub-packages where his size and savvy will cover up his lack of burning speed in a short area. Solid pick for a team with a lot of “guys” listed as S in the JETS depth charts.
Pick # 118 GBN Rank: 204 Ourlads Rank: 134 PP Rank: 167

Round 5 BRANDON SHELL/OT/SOUTH CAROLINA 6’5/324 5.21/40 34 3/4″A/10 3/4″H
Massive man who can move a bit for a guy his size. The great nephew of ART SHELL is a road grader who has some pass-pro skills from his college days. I don’t see him having the foot quickness to play LT as a pro, but I think he has a chance to push BRENO at the RT slot. Very strong, active hands with a shock to his punch. Those arms are ideal for a pro OT. I think this is a solid Pick for Round 5.
Pick # 158 GBN Rank: 207 Ourlads Rank: 203 PP Rank: 187

The best punter in the small school ranks was somewhat of a surprise pick by the JETS. It sends a clear signal that they were not thrilled with the overall efforts of RYAN QUIGLEY last season. Special Teams is too important to ignore, and he is one of several Punters to be drafted in 2016. He’ll need to win the job for this not to be a wasted Pick however.
Pick # 235 GBN Rank: NR Ourlads Rank: NR 300+ PP Rank: NR 300+

Round 7 CHARONE PEAKE/WR/CLEMSON 6’2/209 4.42/40 34″A/9 1/4″H
A surprise to me that he lasted into the 7th Round. He was not the star that WATKINS & HOPKINS were at Clemson, but he did emerge as their most productive WR as a senior. He has good size and good speed for a player as big as he is. A very solid hands catcher. He gets separation in he secondary because of his solid route running and good quickness for his size. This is a very good value at the Pick and he should win a job at the bottom of the JETS WR group.
Pick # 241 GBN Rank: 246 Ourlads Rank: 50 PP Rank: 93

This is a solid Rookie group and as long as the players show progress in learning the pro game HC TODD BOWLES will not hesitate to keep most of them on his roster. But there is some learning and growth that needs to take place for most of them. Long term, whether or not HACKENBERG develops to be a solid NFL starting QB will define this draft effort. And we won’t truly know that for a couple of years. AS of a roster check this week the JETS had more than 30 total Rookies on their 90-man roster. So check their URFA signings fans.