Jags, Lions still 1-2

By | October 10, 2021

Jags, Lions still 1-2 … With most of the smoke cleared from this weekend’s action, there hasn’t been much change in the top few picks in the proverbial ‘if the draft were held today’ selection order for the opening round of the 2022 draft. After being blasted at home by Tennessee, Jacksonville will continue to sit on the first pick overall for at least another week. The Jags are one of two remaining winless teams along with Detroit, but the Lions have a much better SOS figure, so they’ll stay at #2. At least for the moment, Miami has the worst SOS of the one-win teams around the league so Philadelphia, which has the Dolphins’ first rounder this year, would have the third pick, followed by the NY Jets at #4. Meanwhile, the Monday night game between Indianapolis and Baltimore will have an impact on the current selection order as the Colts would likely be picking 5th if they lose to the Ravens tomorrow night, followed by Houston at #6 and the Giants at #7. However, a Colts win would push them down the board with Texans and Giants moving up one spot. Note, though, that that there isn’t a whole lot of difference in the SOS figures for Miami, the Jets, Houston and Indianapolis which means none of those teams are locked into those spots. Also just a reminder that we’ll be posting an initial first-round selection order after the Monday nighter.