Irish, Buckeyes, up on pro day sched

By | March 22, 2018

Irish, Buckeyes upon pro day sched … No QBs today on the annual pro day schedule, but it is still going to be busy enough with major workouts set to go at both Ohio State and Notre Dame. While Ohio State has the more prospects, the Notre Dame workout could be the more impactful as neither of the Irish’s first round offensive line candidates OG Quenton Nelson nor OT Mike McGlinchley ran at the combine. For the record, there will also be pro days at Stanford, Missouri and San Diego State later today. The QB carousel then revs up again tomorrow when Josh Allen will work out with his Wyoming teammates at their pro day. And Wyoming is expecting their biggest pro day crowd ever as all those folks who were at Sam Darnold’s workout at USC yesterday are expected to be at the Cowboys’ pro day. Meanwhile, Michigan and Michigan State are also set to go Friday. And while there are no formal pro days for the top QB prospects, the QB market will still be active as Cleveland, and possibly also the Giants will be holding private workouts at Oklahoma with Baker Mayfield. One other interesting note on Mayfield, he was reportedly worked out by Miami yesterday. In fact, the Dolphins were also at his official pro day last week indicating a pretty high level on their part. Whether that is just due diligence in case Mayfield should drop to the 11th pick or whether the Dolphins are thinking of being more aggressive isn’t clear, but that is a lot of homework for a guy no one thinks has a chance of dropping out of the top ten.