Initial GBN Big Board posted

By | September 8, 2020

Initial Big Board posted … As part of our pre-season preview with the NFL’s regular schedule set to kick-off Thursday evening, here’s the initial GBN Big Board ranking of the top 100 prospects for the 2021 draft. Of course, a lot is likely to change between now and April, especially given the rather chaotic circumstances college football finds itself in; however, we are pretty confident in predicting that the 2021 draft class will be very good. In fact, Larry Parker, our chief scout, had just one word to describe this year’s class and that was “Wow!” According to Parker, “Putting this together was the toughest ‘first one of the season’ Big Board that I’ve ever done. There were players left off of the list that in other years would have been lock Top 100 prospects, but there just weren’t enough slots for all of them. Also, there were some players that probably should have been a bit higher, but I just couldn’t figure out who to move down. Bottom line, there is an insane amount of talent in this draft, such that there is going to be great value among Day 2 and 3 picks, as well as among priority free agents. The WR and CB positions, in particular, are so stacked it’s unbelievable.”