By | October 12, 2015

Don’t cringe when I say this but some college teams are already half way through their 2015 season. The Shrine Classic and Senior Bowl are just over 3 months away. And we are within months of a new HEISMAN Trophy winner. So along that vein how about me listing my Top 6 Heisman Hopefuls?!

The big, stud HERSCHEL WALKER clone is pounding defenses into submission at a record pace. Dominant may not be a strong enough word for what he has done already this season.
5 Games 1022 yards rushing 8.6ypc 12 TD
Voters will have to keep in mind that LSU only plays 11 regular season games this year because the opener against cupcake McNeese State got stormed out. THat would have likely been another 200+ yard effort.

Me may not be as highly ranked as a pro prospect as JAMEIS was, but the Heisman has nothing to with that. His combination of running and passing is elite, and he’s not even been a QB his entire college career. He’s also leading his team into rarified air at 6-0. His aerial stats through 6 games:
2103 yards 63.8% completions 21 TD 5 INT.
Let’s throw in another 366 yards and 4 TD rushing for good measure.

As Urban Meyer sorts to work out his QB rotation, when in doubt pound the rock with this monster player. ELLIOTT has that rare combination of size and power that set records and entice Heisman voters.
6 Games 835 yards 6.9ypc 10 TD

Receivers have a tough road to hoe to the Heisman in this era of College Football, where their QB is likely to steal headlines and votes. BOYKIN, above, is a good example as he and teammate DOCTSON may split some votes. But this guy is magical as a game breaking, clutch receiver.
6 games 50 receptions 877 yards 10 TD

Thank goodness for COOK, because the FSU Offense lost so much to the NFL that HC JIMBO FISHER is scrambling to develop new weapons this year. And so, another amazing Soph is carrying the load.
5 games 792 yards 9.0ypc 8 TD
Please note that his 9.0 ypc is the highest of all three RB candidates.

DOUGHTY surely does not play at a Power 5 level of action, but his numbers are too good to ignore. And do not forget he has no 5-star weapons around him like all the guys mentioned above. His team is currently 4-1, and he gets his chance to strut his stuff against big-boy LSU in 2 weeks. That game could make or break his Heisman chances. What’s not to like about these stats?!
6 games 2354 yards 74.7% 20 TD 3 INT

Stay healthy guys and may the best man win out.