Gopher WR Bateman back in

By | September 30, 2020
Gopher WR Bateman back in; PSU LB Parsons not … With the Big Ten back playing fall football, players who had previously opted out of the season are now faced with the decision of whether to opt back in or not. One prominent player who has decided to play again is rising Minnesota junior WR Rashod Bateman. Bateman, a mid-to-late first round prospect, had actually signed with an agent, but has been cleared to play this season. On the other hand, Penn State has confirmed that star junior OLB Micah Parsons, a top 5 type prospect for the upcoming draft, will not be seeking to have his eligibility restored. Instead, Parsons will continue to proceed prep for the 2021 draft. Meanwhile, Texas A&M senior CB Elijah Blades, who had already previously opted out, but indicated that he was returning next season, has now changed his mind and will stay opted out but declare for the 2021 draft instead.