Giants wrap post

January 24, 2023

Giants wrap: post-season wrap and on to 2023 … Needless to say, the Giants season did end the way anyone wanted after they got steamrolled 38-7 in Saturday’s NFC semi-final. We had thought that maybe the Giants could sneak up on the Eagles if they came into the game a little overconfident and maybe looking ahead just a bit to a possible conference final match-up with either Dallas or the 49ers. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t work out that way as, for whatever reason, it was the Eagles that came out looking like they had been shot out of a cannon, while the Giants looked like they were carrying a cannon. In the end, what you do with a game like that is simply burn the tape and move on. And my guess is that’s what the Giants have already done. And that’s kind of our theme in this week’s edition of the Giants Report.