Long-time readers of the GBN will know that GBN Editor and Publisher Grumpy Lindsay is a life-long fan of the New York Giants. In fact, the GBN was originally intended to be a Giants-oriented draft site, hence the Blue in Great Blue. However, while the site soon went league-wide Grumpy remains  a steadfast Giants’ supporter and has decided to resurrect the Giants Report to help long-suffering Giants’ fans get through the team’s current woes. Also note that the GR reports won’t always be posted on the GBN home page so please keep checking back here.

Can’t win for losing!!

As we noted over on the main GBN page, we’ve had several correspondents, including more than one self-confessed Giants’ fan, asking when we’ll be posting the weekly, updated selection order for the 2022 draft. However, the fact is that it is still a little early in the season to get a real trend line on the various teams’ strength of schedule figures, so we usually wait until after the 4th or 5th week of the schedule. However, for those who just can’t wait, we have run the numbers on the 7 still winless teams around the league, and we can tell you based on the current data the Giants would have the 7th pick ‘if the draft were held today’ as they have the toughest schedule of any of the current winless teams. For the record, Jacksonville and the NY Jets, who picked 1-2 at the 2021 draft, would be flipping for the 1st and second picks again this year. Detroit and Atlanta would be flipping for the 3rd-4th picks, while Minnesota and Indianapolis would be flipping for the 5-6 picks. As well, at least in terms of percentages, the Giants’ current SOS number (.618) is considerably higher than even Minnesota and Indianapolis, both of whom are at .559, although the difference in actual games won and lost is actually pretty small.