Long-time readers of the GBN will know that GBN Editor and Publisher Grumpy Lindsay is a life-long fan of the New York Giants. In fact, the GBN was originally intended to be a Giants-oriented draft site, hence the Blue in Great Blue. However, while the site soon went league-wide Grumpy remains  a steadfast Giants’ supporter and has decided to resurrect the Giants Report to help long-suffering Giants’ fans get through the team’s current woes. Also note that the GR reports won’t always be posted on the GBN home page so please keep checking back here.

Where to from here: some early thoughts on Giants’ 2021 draft options

With the Giants at 1-6, no game until next Monday, and the draft just over 6 months away we’ve been doing a little thinking about some of the Giants likely options when the draft does roll around. And what pops out is that almost wherever they pick in this year’s opening round, they are going to have some very interesting options. Here are some preliminary thoughts on the subject.