Giants report

April 23, 2022

Sunday morning Giants thoughts … New Giants G.M. Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll have been making the pre-draft interview rounds as general managers and head coaches do. And they obviously trained with some masters as they haven’t said a whole lot in those interviews. However, the one thing that really did kind of jump out at me was when Schoen mentioned reconciling the boards of the scouting and coaching staffs when he and Daboll sat down with Bob Papa and Carl Banks late last week. In fact, I am still trying to get my head around that concept as normally when teams put together their final boards the scouts and coaches work together. From what Schoen said, though, it sounds like the personnel staff was literally in one room putting together the Giants board, while the coaches were in another room compiling their wish list of players they would like to add to the roster.

Schoen indicated that this week, they’ll get the two groups together and hash out some differences. What that likely implies is that perhaps there are some players that the coaching staff really likes and would like to add to the roster that the scout staff doesn’t have quite that high a grade on. Indeed, one could probably speculate until the cows come home on which players – and maybe what positions – the scouts and coaches have differences about. Fortunately, though, we are just a few days away until the actual draft gets underway so we won’t have to speculate all that long.

Toney on the block!!! … Giants’ fans were rocked one more time when word filtered out yesterday that the team might be shopping enigmatic WR Kadarius Toney, the team’s #1 pick last spring after just one less than distinguished season. On further reflection, though, we remain just a tad skeptical and will believe it when we see it. Sure, Schoen and Daboll are trying to establish a culture and Toney has been nothing if not annoying since arriving in New York last summer. And certainly the Giants would have preferred to have Toney at voluntary OTAs last week. But unless there is something we aren’t being told that is hardly a firing offense, even given Toney’s somewhat spotty record. Bottom line is he’s still a talented kid who was being heavily counted on to provide some impact plays for an offense that sorely needs any impact plays it can get this coming season.

In addition, its just hard to imagine making a move like that without some kind of contingency plan in place. The Giants, who have indicated they want to run a lot of multiple receiver, are already thin at the position and moving Toney would leave a huge hole in that unit, although we do wonder if the Giants might seriously think about using Saquon Barkley in the slot when they go 4 wides. Plus, you’re just not likely going to get much in exchange for Toney at this point. Indeed, we wondered if the Giants might actually be sending him a message. No doubt the organization was unhappy that he didn’t show for the OTAs, but because they are voluntary they really couldn’t say anything, but this could at least put him on notice. Time will tell though!