Giants, Eagles get AFC defensive stars in trades

By | March 7, 2018

Giants, Eagles get NFC West defensive stars in trades … What’s the old saying? Go East young man! That was the case earlier today when both the Giants and Super Bowl champion Philadelphia pick up defensive stars from NFC west teams. The Giants acquired MLB Alec Ogletree from the LA Rams in exchange for 4th (#135) and 6th (#176) round picks at the upcoming draft. To complete the deal the Giants will get a 7th round pick in 2019 from the Rams. Meanwhile, Philadelphia has acquired veteran DE Michael Bennett and a 7th round pick from Seattle in exchange for a 5th round and WR Marcus Johnson. What’s not clear in this deal is which specific picks are involved as Philadephia has 2 5th round picks including ironically one (#156) which they originally received from Seattle. At the same time, Seattle has three 7th round picks. Also note that the NFL released the formal 2018 selection order so we have been able to update the full seven rounds as well as the picks by team file, (both of which include the Giants/Rams deals but  not the other trades that have been announced in the past few days.) These trades will jot be formally confirmed until the new NFL year begins on March 14th.