Giants choice coming into focus …

By | March 22, 2018

The 2018 draft is still 5 weeks away and admittedly a lot can change between now and April 26th, but after holding their cards about as close to their chests as possible over the past couple of months, the cat looks like it just may be out of the bag this week. Granted nothing is written in stone and we hate to say never – how’s that for hedging one’s bets – but the Giants have made it pretty clear that they are all in on QBs with the second pick in the 2018 draft this week. Of course taking a QB at #2 was always the most logical option if for no other reason than it’s what NFL teams with aging, declining QBs do when they get a really early pick like the Giants have this year.

However, new G.M. Dave Gettleman and his staff weren’t tipping their hands which has led to considerable speculation that they could trade down or take one of the top non-QB prospects such as Penn State RB Saquon Barkley or Notre Dame OG Quenton Nelson. And those options are still possible, but just highly unlikely. Fact is NFL teams just don’t have their head coach standing in a monsoon 3,000 miles from home watching a top QB prospect 35 days before the draft if they aren’t seriously interested in that guy. They also don’t have that same head coach, their assistant G.M., the director of college scouting (who just happens to also maybe represent ownership), their QB coach and assorted other scouts criss-crossing the country for almost a full week barely a month before the draft either/or attending the pro days and/or private workouts, not to mention visiting over dinner, with all the top QB prospects without already having a really good grade on those guys. And you do it because those are the guys you are looking at.

I understand there are people who aren’t going to be happy with that, but if people aren’t going to accept the evidence that’s out there, then they are pretty close to being in denial. Again, nothing is quite written in stone, but it is highly unlikely that the Giants are going to be trading out of the #2 pick and it’s equally highly unlikely that they are going to be taking a Saquon Barkley or Quenton Nelson or Bradley Chubb. What they are highly likely to do is take one of those top young QBs.

And given that it appears that Cleveland is leaning heavily toward taking Sam Darnold – that fact that the Browns’ owner spent the better time at the USC pro day sitting with his parents is a pretty good tell – the Giants choice looks like it will come down to either Josh Rosen or Josh Allen. And until something else changes that’s what people should be arguing about if they want to argue.

One somewhat curious aspect of the Giants magical mystery QB tour this week is that G.M. Dave Gettleman isn’t along. What that suggests is that perhaps the ultimate decision will come down which of those two guys Pat Shurmer and Mike Shula will be most comfortable working with. Stay tuned!